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General Awareness Training

This course covers the basics of Hazardous Material Material Packaging and Shipping. It is required for all Hazmat shipping and prepares students for the Function Specific section if required. 


Medical Courier Training

This training covers all the issues required for Medical Couriers including DOT regulations, OSHA requirements and best practices.


Shipping Specimens and Dry Ice, First Time Trainee

This is comprehensive training for shipping Category A Infectious Substances, Biological Substances Category B, Patient Specimens, Dry Ice and small chemicals such as formalin, etc. to US DOT and IATA/ICAO regulations. This is for the first person at a company or facility and contains the required manual of regulations.


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Client Testimonial

In case I failed to mention, we had a surprise visit by the DOT a little while back. They were very impressed with the content of your training material. We were very pleased as well.
Thank you.

Training Supervisor
National Genetics Institute