HighQ Shipper Certification Training

  • For Shipping Specimens
  • Infectious Category A
  • Biological Substance Category B
  • Dry Ice and Related Hazards
  • Courier Material of Trade
  • General Awareness ** NEW
highq medical certification

HighQ provides shipper certification training to more people that ship specimens and related hazards than any other company in the last 10 years. Through on-site seminars or our popular web training we provide labs, clinical trial sites and couriers the information they need to package and ship specimens and related hazards according to DOT and IATA regulations.
More on Training  

Now in partnership with WE Train Consulting, HighQ introduces General Awareness Training. This training is required for all types of hazardous packaging and shipping and WE Train is recognized as one of the most respected organizations in the hazardous training field. Once you have completed the General Awareness training you can contact HighQ to complete other requirements if needed.

HighQ Testing

  • DOT Third Party Package Certification Laboratory
  • Temperature Validation Laboratory

Our staff of Certifying Officials have extensive experience in testing hazardous packages to meet DOT, International and industry regulations. We also perform temperature and humidity validation studies for packages and components in our state of the art chambers.

Testing Services

HighQ Testing is an approved US DOT Third Party laboratory for the certification of hazardous material packaging. 

Test Reports

We believe there should be no question regarding the integrity of your package and the report that accompanies it.  

Package Validation

HighQ Testing's extensive experience makes us a leader in package temperature validation

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Client Testimonial

In case I failed to mention, we had a surprise visit by the DOT a little while back. They were very impressed with the content of your training material. We were very pleased as well.
Thank you.

Training Supervisor
National Genetics Institute